Cultivating health and wellness in life.

AT ONE Suites

AT ONE Retreat has 60 lake-view guest rooms and 8 villas. A quiet and relaxing space to stay with simple design and natural surroundings, it is an ideal spot for guests to rest after a fulfilling day of exercising the body and mind.

AT ONE Wellness Center

AT ONE Wellness Center, integrating Eastern wisdom and Western science, focuses on overall health, adopts state-of-the-art functional medicine, and helps guests understand their physical and mental health through detailed assessments and examinations.
International medical teams will tailor individual health improvement plans for guests.

AT ONE Cosmetic Clinics

AT ONE Cosmetic Clinics services are defined by OCTAVE’s mission of inspiring people to explore mindful living practices and helping them discover their true self.

AT ONE Healing Spa

AT ONE Healing Spa provides guests with a holistic and nourishing experience, helping them restore their physical and mental vitality through cleansing the body and refreshing the spirit.


The path to wellness is intimately connected with every bite of food we consume. The THOUGHT FOR FOOD Suzhou, located in the AT ONE Retreat, is adjacent to the lake, bringing the light of the sky and clouds into the cup and onto the plate, effortlessly integrating the natural surroundings for a leisurely tranquility.

Infinity Pool

Inspired by the ancient principle of Yin and Yang, in which the contrary forces of man and nature live in harmony, the swimming pool ebbs and flows with the natural curves of Yangcheng Lake. Presenting a perfect Tai Chi diagram, the two bodies of water appear as if one.

Meditation Dome

A meditation space designed to help your subconsciousness achieve clarity and sharpen your awareness.

AT ONE Villas

Blending intuitive design with stunning natural vistas, our 8 AT ONE Villas offer a residential oasis inspired by the peaceful settings of Yangcheng Lake.

– Seven Four-Bedroom Lakeside Villas (400 square meters)
– One Seven-Bedroom Lakeside Villa (800 square meters)