On this journey of integration, let’s bear witness to the everlasting energy of life – the cycle of nature through the four seasons, carrying the beauty and benevolence accumulated in ancient traditions.

From daily routines to festive celebrations, from arts and literature to poetry and tea, from coming-of-age ceremonies to family joy, we pay our respects to heaven, to earth, and to humanity in every word and action, in every object and gesture.

The Connection of Love



Love is the source of all things, the life force that allows everything to flow naturally and infinitely. As we continuously awaken, connect, and transcend the deep longing for love within ourselves, joy, health, and peace transform into selfless dedication and expressions of love, enriching both our lives and the lives of others.

Harmony as Happiness



Reflecting on the essence of beings and the environment, cultivating the brilliance of the character from the fusion of mind and body. Pursuing wisdom, refining passions, and fostering virtues, one balances the mundane and spiritual, finding enlightenment in gatherings and life’s delights. This harmonious blend of inner and outer realms reveals a holistic approach to life.

Co-create the World



Fear leads to division and conflict, while love drives people to cooperate and co-create. Your path is your own, the journey is universal. Harnessing the power of each individual’s “mind,” we face the challenges of the new era with one common worldview, culture and vision. Together, we strive to build a greener, more sustainable world.

Gratitude for Life



Witnessing the ever-flowing vitality of life, the natural world cycles through its seasons between heaven and earth, carrying forth the beauty and kindness accrued from ancient traditions. From rites of passage to familial joys, in every word, every action, every object, we honor heaven, earth, and humanity, with love transcend all boundaries.

Celebration of Life



The unity of heaven and humanity is the ancient Chinese aesthetic of life and the ultimate pursuit of Chinese culture. Life is a celebration, transcending duality towards oneness. Amidst the movement of Yin and Yang, one perceives the unity of life and the infinity of the universe, stepping into the path following inner calling.

AT ONE Festival

OCTAVE’s annual large-scale event brings global thought leaders, academics, experts, and industry figureheads together for pioneering dialogues and cultural festivities to explore a new era of well-being and happiness.

Healing Arts Festival

It was founded in 2014, and is China’s first comprehensive celebration dedicated to holistic nourishment of body and mind. To date, over 100,000 people have participated in HAF events. In 2023, HAF was held for the first time in Suzhou, attracting more than 8,000 guests, bringing together over 150 market brands, and offering more than 200 healing workshops.

The Hero of 1,000 Faces

A true hero remains non-judgmental and aware of everything that happens in the present moment, living their life with purpose. They can reflect themselves, maintaining inner moral principles in the face of challenges and injustice, achieving true freedom. Recognizing that love is a shared essence among humanity, they become love, awaken love, and create a world of unity.