Octave Consent & Release Policy

I hereby agree that OCTAVE Group of Companies, its affiliates, employees, and agents (hereinafter individually or collectively referred to as “OCTAVE”) shall have the right to take and/or use any photographs, video and audio recordings that includes me, and/or any interview statements from me, and live streaming broadcast of performances (hereinafter referred to as “the Works”), and shall have the right to use the Works in any and all media worldwide including online, now or hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to educational and marketing purposes.



All rights, title, and interest in the Works including the right to copy, edit, alter, retouch, revise and otherwise change the Works shall belong to OCTAVE.



I hereby also release to OCTAVE all rights to exhibit the Works in print and electronic forms publicly or privately and to market copies.



I waive any rights, claims or interest I may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in the photographs or videos, and agree that any uses described herein may be made without compensation or other remuneration to me.



I have read and understood the above statement.