Cultivate of Self and Co-create SANGHA and The New Era.


Throughout history, people have never ceased to yearn for a life by the lake. Drawing from the lake as a source, one can dwell within the vastness of the sky and earth, where the water and sky blend into one, enjoying a return to a natural, ecological living. Taking the lake as the heart, one can cleanse the noise and impatience, returning to the essence of life.


SANGHA HOMES consists 108 detached mansions, overlooking the lake like the tail feathers of a phoenix reborn from the flames. The project is the work of New York’s top architectural firm TsAO & McKOWN, led by Calvin Tsao, and “Father of Chinese Modernist Architecture” Mr. Zhang Yonghe.


At OCTAVE, a villa is not just a piece of immovable property that can be passed down through the family, but also a spiritual sanctuary that supports the evolution from “I” to “We”. OCTAVE provides a cultural system that supports individual evolution at different stages of life.


Like-minded people come from all over the world to settle here in peace at SANGHA HOMES, where they are no longer neighbors in the traditional sense who do not interact, but become hard-to-find companions and partners on the journey of life. SANGHA HOMES creates a spiritual home that is “warm, full of life and companionable”, building a pure layer of community.


As a mindful community advocating a new lifestyle, OCTAVE provides comprehensive wellness services and experiences for homeowners, helping them relax and rejuvenate from the inside out, and enjoy a life full of health. The project includes the AT ONE Wellness Clinics, AT ONE Cosmetic Clinics, AT ONE Healing Spa, AT ONE Suites, and THOUGHT FOR FOOD.