THE LIVING ROOM Shanghai is the first comprehensive urban wellness center created in China.


THE LIVING ROOM Shanghai is located in the heart of Shanghai, at 357 Jianguo West Road, near Taiyuan Road.

It is a place where international experts, including therapists, fitness instructors, dietitians, counselors, life mentors, TCM experts, Ayurvedic experts, and more, gather to support the integrated community learning space and provide health solutions.

Area & Function

THOUGHT FOR FOOD Shanghai, an organic restaurant, and an outdoor courtyard are found on the first floor. The restaurant is infused with natural light that makes the space bright and warm. The tree and flower-filled courtyard is a great place in which to enjoy the sunshine and a weekend brunch.


THOUGHT FOR FOOD Shanghai, offers our guests unique menu items that are both natural and healthy, focusing on the important role of food in our daily life. Working with a team of nutritionists, the restaurant’s executive chef selects healthy and seasonal produce to design diverse menus centered on mindfulness.

Celebration of Life

From poetry, wine, tea, and flowers to the joy of reunions and festivals, Celebration of Life represents OCTAVE’s eastern cultural attributes and bears witness to the perpetual vitality of life energy.